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Computers Repair and IT Services

Computer crash? Network problems? Systems slow? We’re Here to Help!

Our dependency on technology makes our lives easier, but, like all machines, computers need to be maintained otherwise they work at less than peak performance… or even crash.

If this has happened to you, you need the outsourcing IT experts atLangley IT Services.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality knowledge and customer service. Our customers are treated the way we want to be treated, professionally and courteously. Combine that with extensive training and certification in PC, Mac and business networking solutions and you have a winning team.

Langley IT Services is a small, independently-owned firm based in Langley, BC. Owner, Ray Salvador, works tirelessly to earn his customer’s highest rave reviews because he knows the value of commendation. Ray wants the opportunity to earn your praise and offers services to in-home and business clients located in Langley, the Fraser Valley to Abbotsford, Surrey and Burnaby.

Are you a Small Business? Outsource your IT

Why Outsource IT? Langley IT Services can support all your computer and networking IT needs. Ideally suited for companies with fewer than 10 computers, Langley IT Services will have your network and machines in tip-top condition. A well-maintained system ultimately means fewer repairs, more up- time and that translates into more time spent building your business.

Our Mission

Langley IT Services’ goal is to provide quick, professional and affordable on-site computer and/or computer hardware service and repair for customers in Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area. We are happy to assist to both residential and business clients.

Top 3 Causes of Computer Crashes

1. Overloaded, Under-Maintained Machines Over time your computer builds up massive storage files of temporary information. Without regular ‘dumping’ and file organizing your computer will become slow.

2. Overheating from Blocked Cooling Fans Computers need to be cleaned of dust and other pollutants that ‘clog’ air intakes. A dirty machine, or one located in a spot with bad air-flow, is a repair waiting to happen.

3. Conflicting Hardware Sometimes conflicts arise between added computer components, competing operating systems, the addition of new software and other conflicts causing system failures or worse.

and one more bonus… attacks from Viruses, Trojans or Mal-Ware.

Don’t get caught! Take care of these problems before they begin. Call Langley IT Services and discuss a long-term solution. It can pay for itself in reduced repair bills, costly down-time and improved equipment life.